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Nursery Programs

Are you looking to add dance to your nursery curriculum?

OTS School of dance is very excited to announce that we our now approaching nurseries and children centres with our musical, movement and action packed dance classes in the Edgbaston and Birmingham area!

Our Birmingham dance school has developed new and exciting nursery movement lesson plans for a wide range of ages and abilities that get children moving and exercising through play!

The nursery program is an amazing class made for nursery groups to encourage children to not only exercise and to reach physical milestones such as jumping, hopping and skipping but to also improve musicality, rhythm, dance style, confidence and focus. In these classes we use nursery rhymes, action songs, props, instruments and our voices to make an amazing dance experience. Each class is slightly varied but we do work on some routines over a few weeks as its great to start encouraging children to reflect, remember and then demonstrate.

For enquiries, recommendations, trial prices and availability please contact us via our contact page, FB, email or on the contact number provided below.

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Tel: 07523497710